Green Talent of the Future

It is clear that our country’s future will depend on our ability to navigate the clean energy boom.  As oil dependence is forced to subside, our country needs to turn to alternative sources of energy centralized on green technology.  The move to clean energy has already started to manifest in job creation – millions of new jobs are slated to be created within the next decade to meet the demand of the growing clean technology industry.

Any business, small or large, that sits on the precipice of this green technology boom needs to be completely prepared to hire the right ‘green talent.’  These are the engineers, consultants, marketing gurus, scientists and executives that breathe, eat and sleep green.  This is the new generation of highly sought after green technology workers who will ‘fuel’ the clean energy revolution by choosing which businesses they will work for.

More specifically though, who exactly are these people?  What are their qualifications?  What will they actually be doing?  Here are a few green positions that are sure to be highly sought after within the next decade:

Food Engineers: The technology to replicate food synthetically is on the fast track through a recent expansion in research and development.  Synthetically developed foods can provide the same nutrients and taste, without the need to deplete animal and plant life from our eco-system. There also won’t be a need to use energy to export foods from far distances – everything will be local.  Specialized ”Food Engineers’ who have the know-how to replicate real foods from a molecular level will be highly sought after.

Green Builder: The green building boom is slated to be one of the largest construction waves in the last few centuries. From constructing solar plants and desalination plants to hyper-insulated homes, green building experts will be a highly valued commodity in the next decade.  The companes that can land the top green builders are sure to rise above the rest.

Green Hardware Engineer: Conservation is the name of the game, and the first step towards retrofitting our electronic equipment to conserve energy is by getting the right talent in place to build the proper equipment.  The hardware of the future will exist on a variety of levels, from within cars and homes, to movie theater projector cooling systems and pool temperature regulators.  ‘Old school’ electronic hardware zaps an astonishing amount of energy from our homes and offices on an every basis that could be more efficiently used.

Green Software Engineer: With the proper hardware in place, the next necessity is top-notch coders to create a green software eco-system.  Currently, homes are ‘dumb,’ because they aren’t able to regulate temperature, manage appliances and perform a number of other system functions from a centralized software interface.  This will all change, as several companies are already competing to be top dogs in this space.  The green talent necessary for these jobs will be integral.

Hydrologist: Water is fast becoming a commodity more valuable than diamonds.  Hydrologists specialize in studying the physical aspects and distribution of water, with an expertise in water conservation.  Our ability to conserve water, from assessing the quality of new potential water sources to analyzing rainfall patterns in a specific region will decide the survival of our species.  Given the grave potential of a water-less future, stock in Hydrologists is sure to be on the rise.

So how can a company land top green talent?  How can a business ensure that their clean tech positions are filled by the most qualified candidates? The future of hiring necessitates futuristic hiring software.  Applicant tracking software is rapidly evolving, allowing employers to track and attract the best candidates available.  Harnessing the power of the internet, applicant tracking software solutions will make the difference between a company succeeding or failing in the new clean tech boom.


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