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Mobile Recruiting Apps – Take Hiring on the Go

The advent and never ending rise of the Internet has made the hiring process very efficient and productive for recruiting professionals. Now, with the smart phone constantly at our side, mobile technology has allowed to do everything in transit – including recruiting.

Mobile recruiting is on the rise. So much that there has been a whole conference built around it called mRecruitingcamp: The Mobile Recruiting Conference. Nonetheless, more and more companies have been utilizing their smart phones to do the hiring tasks that would usually be done sitting behind a desk.

Like any recruiting software, mobile recruiting apps perform the essentials when it comes to the hiring process. Since the apps can be accessed in compact form, it makes the process even more efficient and allows professionals to get their work done “on the go”. Mobile recruiting apps give employers the access they need for applicant information. It not only allows them to filter the most qualified candidates via a dashboard, but it also allows them to call or email the candidate via ther phone line.

In addition to basic recruitment software needs, there are many other apps that are other tools that help in the hiring process. Some apps allow the recruiter to design specific interview questions and then send them to the candidates. The candidate can then video their answers and send them back to their employee – all via a smart phone. Both parties can also watch branding videos of the company, send video introductions, and “thank you” videos.

There are also apps that serve as fullĀ applicant tracking systems. The latter is perfect for use at job fairs and networking events. In addition, there are separate tools that serve a specific function in the hiring process. It’s important that users of ATS systems – hiring managers and recruiters – have the ability to take their job on the go. Finding the best talent in any specific industry is an ongoing battle that requires constant vigelence, and a mobile recruiting application can provide a business with just the edge that’s necessary to be successful.

Many of the apps are free and are quickly becoming popular among many recruiting professionals. The apps are being used widely on smart phones such as Androids, iPhones and Blackberrys as well as tablets such as iPads. It not only increases productivity and streamlines the hiring process, but it literally puts all the information at your fingertips.


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